Rachael, she/her, 35, INFJ.
Fan of Supernatural.
Celebrant of Destiel: the greatest love story ever.


On AO3, my works are organized across three pseuds. I’m fond of drabbles (100 words exactly), and I write one-shots when ideas ambush me and hold me hostage inspiration strikes. I also have a number of novel-length stories planned.

Works in Progress

  • Epilogue: The Rescue. Writing!

  • Untitled: Next installment of the Home Fires series. Taking notes.

  • COA: Modern AU multi-chapter. Taking notes.

  • Multiple Works: Various one-shots. Partially written.

  • Untitled: Canonverse one-shot. Taking notes.

  • Multiple Works: Bonus works for The Rescue. Taking notes.

  • TSB: Canon-divergent multi-chapter. Taking notes.

  • Untitled: Canon-divergent multi-chapter. Partially written.

  • Untitled: Modern AU multi-chapter. Partially written.

  • Untitled: Sequel to Homecoming. Partially written.

  • TRM: Canon-divergent multi-chapter. Taking notes.

Statement of Permissions

As the author of the fanworks on the AO3 account theirprofoundbond, I grant permission to do any of the following:

  • add my works to a collection of bookmarks (see AO3 FAQ)

  • print/fanbind my works for personal use/archiving (with restrictions; see below)

  • make fanart based on my works

  • make aesthetics/moodboards based on my works

  • write stories inspired by my works

  • translate my works into another language

  • make podfics (audio recordings) of my works

  • make fanmixes (playlists) based on my works

  • make fanvids (videos) based on my works

  • cite/reference my works in fandom/fanwork studies

The only condition is that you must credit me and include a link back to the original work on AO3, regardless of the platform you’re posting on. You can credit me as theirprofoundbond.On AO3, you can include the credit and link in your author’s notes, or link to my work through the option in the Associations section that says “This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work.”I do not grant permission for the following:

  • posting my work on other websites (also known as reposting)

  • inputting my works into AIs/LLMs

  • adding my works to a collection of works (see AO3 FAQ)

  • printing my works via print-on-demand services such as Lulu Press (why?)

  • selling my work

  • selling anything based on my work without my permission

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.If you’ve created something based off of any of my works, I would love to know!(This Statement of Permissions is based off of memorizingthedigitsofpi’s Statement.)

Beta Reading

I’m happy to help writers at any point in their writing process, from planning a brand new story to polishing a fic that’s just about ready for posting.I’ve also written a Guide to Beta Reading for both authors and beta readers that you may find useful.SKILLS

  • Brainstorming, development, and planning

  • Structure/plot

  • Troubleshooting issues

  • General discussions about the story

  • Encouragement and positive feedback

  • Research

  • Canon compliance and canon details

  • Characterization

  • Tone, pacing, flow, etc.

  • Consistency/continuity

  • Clarity with wording/visualization

  • First impressions while I’m reading

  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar

My bonus special skill is that I have considerable familiarity with American/British cultural differences, as well as the linguistic differences between American English and British English.INTERESTSThis list is not at all exhaustive, but this is what I tend to prefer:

  • Destiel/DeanCas

  • Angel!Cas

  • Sam as more than just a device to serve the Dean/Cas plot

  • Dreamhunter (Claire/Kaia)

  • Canonverse

  • Canon divergent

  • Angst

  • Slow burn

  • Pining

  • Your original fiction

I’m also willing to work on gen fic, case fic, stories that focus on platonic friendships, etc. And I’m not at all ruling out fluffier stuff, AUs, or human!Cas. The above list is simply what I’m most drawn to.I don’t have any triggers that I know of. For that reason, I probably wouldn’t be an ideal sensitivity reader (although I may be able to flag up potential issues), but it also means I’m not necessarily opposed to things like: major character death, dub-con, non-con, unhappy endings, etc.There are certain things I’m unable to read due to either preference or unfamiliarity, but we can discuss that in our initial conversation. Even if I can’t help you with your story, maybe I can point you in the direction of someone else who’d be able to.SO...If you have any questions or you’re interested in having me alpha or beta read for you, please get in touch with me.

Before You Follow

I believe you should do what makes you happy in fandom (and life) so if you would prefer not to follow or interact with me based on anything below, that’s perfectly fine—do what is best for you.

My writing and social media accounts are for my personal enjoyment; I write and post what I like.
My accounts may not be safe for work and they may not be appropriate for minors. If I post content that you dislike, disagree with, or feel uncomfortable with, you are free to leave and/or block me at any time.
I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind about their interpretations.
When I post my thoughts, I’m exploring what I think and feel. I’m a literature student and for me, Supernatural is a text that can be interpreted in many, many ways. Interpret it however you want.
I am against cancel/callout/purity culture, and I am anti-censorship.
Online bullying, harassment, anon hate, and doxing are never, ever acceptable. Everyone is responsible for curating their own experiences online/in fandom. I believe in following The Three Laws of Fandom. Purity culture (and by extension, the rhetoric and behavior of anti-shippers) is conservative extremism, and arguments against it can be found under the purity culture tag on my tumblr.
I have no problems with people exploring whatever they want to or need to in fandom, even if other people (myself included) don’t like or understand it.
Writing something or shipping it (whatever “shipping it” might look like) is not the same as wanting it to happen in canon or condoning it in real life. A fic or ship does not determine someone’s morality or level of mental health, but how someone treats or speaks about other real people does.
I believe that whether you’re a creator or observer in fandom, you don’t owe anyone anything.
Whether it’s art, fic, other kinds of fanworks, likes, reblogs, retweets, kudos, comments, a follow, an answer to an ask, a response to a message, etc., you aren’t obligated to perform fandom in any way other than the way that you want to. That being said, please know that recs, reblogs, retweets, etc. are important in two ways: they help keep fandoms lively, and they help creators to gain exposure and reach a wider audience.
If you follow me, I may or may not follow you back.
I often find social media really overwhelming! I try to limit my time on social media and I’m generally protective of my mental health, so as a result, I’m selective about who I follow and what’s on my dash. But we don’t have to be mutuals to be friends! I like one-on-one communication and if you want to get to know me, you can say hi anytime.

If you want to follow or interact with me I would love that, but if you’d rather not, that’s okay too. However you decide to enjoy fandom, enjoy it to the fullest, and be kind to others.


You’re welcome to email me, send me a tumblr message or ask, or DM me on Twitter.I’m also active on reddit and Discord, but I’m a little more private about my usernames for those platforms.Please do get in touch! I’m shy about approaching people online, but I’m always open to making new friends.The places you can find/follow me are linked below: